Auto Collision Repair Shops in Merrifield Virginia

Like New AutomotiveAuto Collision Repair Shops in Merrifield, Virginia

By their very nature, car and automobile collisions are frustrating and potentially life-threatening situations; additionally, any vehicle damage, sustained by accident or not, is rather aggravating. But, once everyone is found to be healthy after an auto accident or mishap, the real annoyance can be found in the need to consult auto collision repair services to fix the damage inflicted upon a vehicle.

Whether this repair is paid for out of pocket or by an insurance company, the fact remains that it’s in every customer’s best interest to have the work performed at the most cost-effective rate. Moreover, the quality of this work is also of the utmost importance.

We understand this, and that’s why anyone who requires repair services of any kind on a vehicle—dent removal, re-paintings or touch-ups, and the intricate and detailed work required to fix a collision—should consult us, Like New Automotive— one of the best auto body shop in Merrifield, Virginia.

We understand that the auto repair process doesn’t have to be frustrating and aggravating, and after you make use of our services, you will too.

Why Choose Us?

Merrifield is jam-packed with auto repair companies, and undoubtedly, you may very well be wondering why you should choose our company. This is a real question with some different and equally viable answers, which we’d be happy to explain.

Auto Body Repair Springfield VAFirst, we are committed to providing our customer with the best all-around experience. This means that each and every angle and part of the repair process—from when you receive a quote to when you drive your repaired vehicle home—is of a very high quality. We’ll provide economical and fair quotes each and every time one is requested because we’re committed to providing customers with excellent value.

Then, our team of careful and experienced professionals will perform the required work in an efficient and expedient—but not rushed—fashion. When you arrive to retrieve your vehicle, you’ll find it looking as close to “Like New” as it has for quite a while!

Next, we’re standing by to provide assistance and help not directly related to auto collision repair. In this industry, customers rightfully have a lot of questions behind the work, procedures, and actions of us—the professionals. While other companies require customers to make a purchase before receiving any assistance at all, we understand that you have pressing questions. Whether you’re a current customer or a future customer, feel free to run your questions by us.

Car Paint and BodyFinally, we here at Like New Automotive are a family. Unlike the big corporations and big business that provide so many customers with clean work and average service, we offer outstanding service and a quality of relationship and care that simply cannot be matched.

In short, any resident of Merrifield, VA who owns a vehicle which requires repair work shouldn’t hesitate to choose us. We provide the best prices, highest quality of work, and the greatest overall customer experience. Dealing with auto accidents and damage is never fun or easy process, but we here at Like New Automotive are standing by to make the repairs as easy and affordable as possible. Don’t delay—enjoy a like new vehicle today!